Everything You Need To Know About The Melbourne Cup 2019

The Melbourne Cup 2019 will be kicking off on 5th November 2019, and everyone seems to be eagerly waiting. The horse race has become a worldwide sensation with millions of fans looking forward to seeing which horses will participate and which ones will end up winning either of the ten races. Every year, the horse race has been held on the first Tuesday of November, and that explains the set date. The horserace is referred to as the race that stops the nation due to its popularity and wide fan base. At 11 am, the whole event will be commencing, but horseracing will start taking place at 3:00 pm local time.


This is a race of thoroughbred horses held every year in the City of Melbourne in Australia. The total distance ran by each horse is 3200meters, and the horse needs to be 3years of age and over for it to be qualified to race. The thoroughness of the horse race led to it being declared a public holiday in some parts of Melbourne like Victoria. This event tends to attract everyone from regular people to famous stars from around the world, and it has always been considered as the world richest handicap for racehorses, and this can be backed up by their pool prize which totals to 7.3million dollars.


For women and other people who are fashion Savvy, Melbourne Cup 2019 is not only about enjoying the horses’ race, but it is also about what you wear to the event. Being an event that is widely advertised and streamed, you would want to impress. Some of the leading fashion designs for ladies include chiffons and sequins. According to the rules of horse racing, you are not allowed to wear either strapless dresses or midriffs. Make sure you keep that in mind while picking out your favourite garment to wear at the event.


The Melbourne cup field is often rolled out in late October, and it is the only way you can find out the lineup of the horses. You can, however, access the form guide. For anyone who wants to place their bets, there is the Melbourne cup form that shows the horse, the trainer, the jokey, weight and HPC racing of the horse among other relevant information that can enable you to make the best pick. The tickets to the world-class events are also available, and you can make your purchase to avoid missing the most anticipated horserace in 2019.

There is no good feeling than to be around when the horses burst from their barriers and race on the turf tracks as people cheer for their favourite horses to win. The whole event is usually filled, and everyone is always on their feet with eyes wide open so as not to miss any of this spectacular moment of the Melbourne horse carnival. With so many Punters ready to bet on their favourite horses or horse that is likely to win, expect numerous betting offers like welcome bonuses among many others.

It is also essential to keep in mind that most horses that provide exemplary performance during the race tend to be foreign. It is a crucial tip to keep in mind when betting for the horse that might end up winning any of the ten races.


There are various ways you get to win your bet; one of these ways is by making an accurate prediction of how the horses will cross the line. To be precise, you need to come up with a list of which three horses will end up crossing the finish line in order. Due to the huge number of races and a huge number of participants from all over the world, some of the most crucial races to pay attention to include Geelong Cup, Herbert Power Stakes, Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup, The Bart cummings and the Turnbull Stakes.

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