What do it cost to book a taxi with baby seat?
Baby Seat cost you 11$ extra on top of the fare.

What is your phone number to book a taxi?
Call us for bookings or send an SMS to book on 0414 738 489.

Can I send a text message to book a taxi?
YES. You can send a text message to book a taxi.

What details are required if I sms on Vic silver Taxis mobile number?
You need to write your name, pickup address, drop off address, date and time.

How to book a taxi online?
Please fill out the form details and you are all booked in.

How far in advance do I need to book my taxi?
At the moment we need a minimum of 30 minutes before you want to get a taxi.

Can I change/cancel my booking?
Please let us know at least half hours in advance so we can make changes to the booking or cancel the taxi booking for you.

Are there any extra charges to book a taxi?
No, there are no extra charges to book a taxi.

Is the charge per person?
No, the charge is per taxi ride.

Can I pay in cash/credit card/cab charge?
Yes, We accept all type of credit card, cab charges and cash.

Can I get a receipt?
Yes, the drivers carry fully automatic system that print receipt in their vehicles.

I want to pay in advance?
Yes, You can pay in advance, pre-pay is available in all taxi cabs in Melbourne, you can even call us to pay before the trip starts.

Do you operate a fixed price policy?
There are taxi meter fitted in taxi but we can come to agree on a fixed price before the trip begin. fixed price policy is highly recommended to avoid any traffic or detour charges.

Where do I meet my driver when I land at Melbourne airport?
In most terminals drivers wait in front of the airport information desk or at the exit doors. (we recently have started sending drivers inside the terminal with your name sign to pick you up.

Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?
No, You will not be charged extra because we are always online with the flight information center to get updates on flight details but if your flight is changed or cancelled you need to update us immediately with updated information.

What if there is any date change, delay or what if i catch an earlier or later flight?
If your flight is changed or cancelled you need to update us immediately with updated information.

What if I cannot locate my driver?
You will be given a phone number to contact the driver.

What areas do you cover?
We cover all metropolitan, suburban and country side of Melbourne.

Which airports do you cover?
We cover Melbourne/Tullamarine, Essendon, Moorrabin, Avalon Airport.

I’ve lost something in one of your cabs?
You can contact us as soon as possible. Our drivers are very responsible in taking care of your lost property.

Can I use my own child seat in a taxi?
Yes, You can.